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turkeypointbeach.com the vacation spot of many people from around the world.
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Whispering Pines Cottages located at Turkey Point Beach
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Second Sandbar is Turkey Point’s finest lakefront eatery and restaurant with lakefront patio
Turkey Point beach lakefront property businesses and cottage rentals

Turkey Point Beach
Turkey Point Beach


Wide open sandy beaches. Sitting on a cottage patio a few steps from the lake. Listening to the crackle of the soft waves gently soothing you to sleep. Visit the sites and attractions of a beachfront community along the shores of Lake Erie. Some call this the South Coast of Ontario. Why not try something different and get away from the city life by renting a cottage on the beach?

Please feel free explore all that Turkey Point has to offer with our online tourist package, and remember to check back frequently as we will be growing and updating regularly!

Looking for a cottage rental in Turkey Point? We have 20 different cottages to choose from throughout Turkey Point, with a variety of sizes and locations. We’ve been renting Lake Erie cottages to families and friends for over 20 years.

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If you’ve been searching for Lake Erie or Turkey Point Cottage rentals, you must check out Bauer’s Beach Houses beachfront cottage rentals, Whispering Pines lakefront vacation homes, and Breezeway Cottage. With all the cottage choices, we’re sure to offer exactly what yo’re looking for in a Lake Erie or Turkey Point Rental Cottage. We accept all major credit cards; reserve your cottage today.